About Me

It Ain't Easy Being...

I am one in a million.

I am a teacher, an IT guy, a programmer, and a creative. I like designing and coding websites, in fact I’ve just discovered WordPress, jQuery, and PHP—I used them all to create www.johnberneschool.org. I like writing, and would probably like to do more of it. I am a fan of apostrophes and Oxford Commas, and using capital letters, and spelling the word ‘you’ with its full 3 letters. I like typography, and graphic design. I make books from paper and cardboard, with and without glue. I have 4 chickens and love picking up 3–4 eggs a day. I also like pruning my tomato vines’ lateral shoots.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jacob, I just discovered your blog by way of googling bookcloth. I would love to know how you use the Kraft paper you refer to. Is it between the bookboard and the bookcloth? Your photos of your books are stunning, it has been just the incentive I need to quit hosting on Homestead and go to WordPress instead. Thanks for the sharing. Lynne http://www.yourlifegoeshere.com

    • Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for the comment. I use Kraft mainly for lining the spine of books. You can use any paper, as long as the grain direction is correct (as I’m sure you’re aware). In the past it was common to use any scrap paper lying around, so if you pull down an old book, you’ll probably see some newsprint or something. I have also used it for covering books before, and I use it to wrap presents 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment re the photos. I love photography and I like to try and include an image in each post, even it it’s a nerdy computer-talk post.

      Happy binding!


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