Module 6: Flickr

Paris, je t'aime

On Being an Image Copyr

I first started using flickr many moons ago, and I had a paid account for a number of years. I love photography, and I usually include one of my photos in each Web 2.0 post.

Copyright is a big and important issue. Being a photographer, I don’t like the idea that someone would use any of my photos for their stuff without asking, and I hope they would be decent enough to ask for permission first. All my images are Copyright, not Creative Commons. I have used a few images from flickr in the past and have always sought the owner’s permission first, and, in the case of a school newsletter, credited the photo. I believe that people’s rights should be respected.

After watching the video on creative commons, I think it is a good idea for certain types of work. I am willing to support it.

What say you?

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