Module 11: C’est la Fin!


On Digital Blooming

I can’t answer the question about Bloom’s Taxonomy because I haven’t used it since uni days. However, I believe that the mentioned tools (Flickr, Second Life, and Mind Mapping) could fit into the ‘Applying’ key term, because these things are all about doing something, which is what Applying is all about.

On Classroom 2.0

I have really enjoyed this course. I learnt many new things, and got a Twitter account. I use it to post my favourite words; I am trying to post 1 a day, but it’s not working that well so far. Not that I want to pressure myself.

I am pretty pumped to try out some wikis for some of my classes, maybe even the whole year 8 group. I think it would make an excellent assessment task. And I am sure that the students would love to get something they’ve created on the Interweb.

I also would like to give Prezi a go in the classroom. Particularly with some of the more adventurous kids. I think that there is a lot more room for freedom and creativity than with something like the ubiquitous and cumbersomely-named Microsoft Office Powerpoint or I have to say it, Apple’s Keynote (even though it is really cool, and heaps better than Powerpoint).

Delicious is one too that I think will be useful in the classroom, especially as a way of speeding up searches for information.

So it’s farewell to the Web 2.0 course. I will keep blogging (since I paid for a domain name).

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