May the Fourth

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May the Fourth Be With You!

Hooray! Today is Star Wars day, May the fourth. Which is what a Jedi Knight would say if he or she had a bad lisp. I thought I’d share with you my most and least favourite Star Wars moments.

By far my least favourite moment is in Episode 3, when the newly cyborg-ified Darth Vader learns of his belovéd’s death at his own hands, and getting really, really angry, things start breaking and falling over and steam escapes from pipes, and he lets out an almightily corny, ‘Noooooooo…’. That’s my least favourite moment.

Choosing a most favourite moment is much more difficult. It has to be from the first three movies, or wait, no… is that the last three? Anyway. I think that among all my favourite bits, like when C3-PO and R2-D2 meet the Jawas, and when Qui-gon Jinn, young Obi-wan Kenobi, and Jar-jar Binks walk calmly into the Nubian lake to swim to the underwater Gungan city while fitting little underwater  breathing apparatus to their mouths, and all the bits with the Ewoks, my favourite Star Wars moment is, in Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back, the snow battle with the AT-ATs. I think they are my favourite machine in all the movies too. I made one from Lego once! I can’t actually pinpoint one favourite moment out of all the cool moments.

So what is your most or least favourite Star Wars moment?

4 thoughts on “May the Fourth

  1. Jake – I love that you are such a nerd 🙂

    All Jar Jar Binks moments are my least favourite .. my favourite, like you, is much harder to pin point. I think it is when Luke and Han Solo and Princess Leia go to Endor and meet the Ewoks 🙂 They are so cute! I like playing that scene on Star Wars Lego too – very hard!

  2. A worst and favourite Star Wars moment? You’ve got to be kidding! I grew up with The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. My knowledge of characters goes as far as R2-D2, Luke, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. As for all the other characters you mentioned, never heard of them. The last time I attempted to watch a Star Wars movie I ended up reading a book at the same time.

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