Help Find a Cure

No-one is safe from cancer, not even children, even very young children. I am no expert with anything medical, but I know this for a fact.

My 1-year-old son Emmanuel has a form of liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma. Thankfully this type of cancer is highly curable and he has a good prognosis. So many others don’t however. We have met many people over the last month whose children are back in hospital with their second bout of cancer. One of them was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 16 days old; he is now only 7 months and the cancer has returned. My heart goes out to all of them, and they inspire me, who are facing their difficulties with tremendous strength and courage.

We count ourselves as lucky that we are in such a good hospital, and that our country’s health care system means that we don’t have to pay for treatment. We have a huge support network consisting of friends, family, and people we don’t even know. We are lucky because Manny’s cancer is curable. We are most lucky because we have such a gorgeous little boy. Manny has been so good through the intrusiveness of all the tests before being diagnosed, and now through all his treatment. He is a little champion, and is an inspiration.

The Cancer Council holds an annual event: Relay for Life, a 24 hour fundraising walking event. I am taking part this year and need donations! You can do so by visiting my fundraising page and then clicking “Sponsor Me”. Anything is highly appreciated.

I’d love to hear from you especially if your child has had Hepatblastoma, or if you had it when you were younger.

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