Module 2 Learning Experiences

Sunlight on a Stormy Afternoon

On Thinking as I Type

I found that as I typed the previous post my thinking—about blogging in particular—changed and new possibilities emerged. I am still somewhat skeptical about Twitter, and think it is a bit gimmicky. I will however still give it a go and possibly even get the Twitter app for my phone, taking the instant access to information to the ultimate level. I will definitely try to get some of my classes using blogs, and will try to make it relevant and interesting for them.

On Openness

I think openness to new things is good, and being a lover of technology, and a teacher, I would benefit from taking a bit more of an interest in what is out there. I fear for our communities and families however, and really hope that the generation of Digital Natives are taught what it means to be in a community, and how to do it. I suppose that part of that now is learning to be, as a Digital Immigrant, a part of the wider international community, and part of the world that the young people of today find so alluring.