Module 7: Heerlijk!


On Social Bookmarking

I have heard about sites like for ages. Probably since it has been around. I had a look once, and didn’t understand it, and that was that. Otherwise known as a close-minded attitude.

Doing this course in a spirit of openness and inquiry, I decided to have a look, and I got an account. I couldn’t figure out how to add someone to my network—and most of my colleagues haven’t got to module 7 yet—so I added or followed Ben Bishop’s delicious and was pleasantly surprised. Mainly because many of the bookmarks on his page I was interested in and found useful. I realised that instead of spending heaps of time searching for resources on google, I could spend heaps of time searching for resources on Delicious. I realised that I would probably find better material than looking through endless search results because someone already has and has bookmarked it. I love this idea.

I think in my previous limited encounters with Delicious I didn’t fully grasp the concept of why anyone would want to have bookmarks on a public website. The sharing aspect was totally overlooked by me. I am glad I tried it out.

Now to find some more cool bookmarks: heerlijk!

What say you?

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