Module 8: Really Simple Syndication

Keep Climbin'

On Simplicity

When I first found out about the meaning of the abbreviation RSS—which is Really Simple Syndication—I had a little chuckle to myself. I love its humour.

I’ve been a subscriber to several design & typography related feeds for a while, and I created one for my school’s website. You can view it here. I typically consume my RSS through Mail on my Mac. I like that it is in the same place as my emails, and it makes it easier and more convenient to read them all. I did try Google reader, and I liked it, although it was a bit cluttered and overly complex for my tastes.

I like the idea of RSS: that you subscribe to something of interest to you and you automatically get new items. Pretty cool. I have found myself when I first open my computer’s lid in the morning eagerly anticipating any new RSS items to read. It’s nice to read some of the more sporadically updated ones, and it makes one feel connected to people around the world.

Yay RSS.

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