The Power of Introverts: TED Talk by Susan Cain

This is very interesting for us introverts, as I suspect a lot of you who read my blog regularly are. Even if you aren’t it is still interesting. I found it very encouraging and empowering to think that there is a power in being introverted.

Making Books Is Fun

This Is An Awesome Video.

I first saw this a while ago, and I have wanted to post it for a while. I’m finally getting around to it.

Video: Casing In with Rhonda Miller

Very good demonstration of how to case in a book. When she does the first side and then opens it, I almost fell off my chair! But it seems to work for her. It has been drummed into me that you never open a book that has just been cased in and is still wet. We’ve all done it though, if only once!